Monday, September 3, 2007

Renee & Paul

So it appears that Paul believes in the old wives tale that a man is as young as the woman he feels. How else would one explain the absence of a lesson being learned after the very public fallout with Heather? And Renee is about the same age as Paul's daughter!

Political Correctness to the Extreme

I read with interest that a Sydney University has decided to encourage the educational quest of its muslim citizens by adapting the University to become more Muslim friendly. The reason given was that there were about 500 muslim students in the school. However PC correctness was stopped at introducing a prayer room and Halal food in one canteen but separate, gender specific swimming lessons were not permitted.

I wondered what would happen when the large Indian student population who are largely Hindus and Vegetarian decide to assert their strength by requesting vegetarian food cooked in a vegan environment and prayer room to house all the incense burning. How would the fire authorities cope? How about all those other minorities that wish to exert their beliefs - African Animists, Chinese Atheists, Hillsong followers, Jews etc?

Surely a university is a place to exchange ideas but without any formal acceptance of one over the other?